Private Clients

AM Planning Consultants Limited works throughout the UK with a varied range of clients whose requirements differ considerably. Private individuals, landowners, and business owners rely on us for everything from pre-application advice to the submission of planning applications and the discharge of planning conditions.

We deal with a wide range of applications, from small domestic extensions to large commercial and residential developments. The advice we supply concerns enforcement, planning appeals, preparation of appeal submissions, attendance at appeals and public inquires, and objection letters.

What We Offer: A Comprehensive List The services offered by our capable team include:

• Pre-application Advice

• Consultation Negotiations

• Planning Applications

• Discharge of Conditions

• Enforcement

• Negotiations and Amendments to Section 106 Agreements

• Dispute Resolution

• Affordable Housing

• Agricultural

• Barn Conversions

• Certificate of Lawfulness

• Conservation and Listed Buildings

• Gypsies and Travellers

• Industrial and Commercial

• Leisure

• Master Planning

• Mineral and Waste

• Residential Development

• Retail

• Tourism

Specialists in Planning Enforcement and Section 106 Agreements

Section 106 Negotiations and Agreements

Our expert provides advice regarding Section 106 agreements, ranging from initial negotiations to establishing whether the requirements are justifiable, establishing whether the triggers are satisfactory, and judging whether the wording is precise and enforceable. We also specialise in ascertaining the impact of any Section 106 requirement on the viability of the development proposal and the re-negotiation of amendments to agreements.

Information about Section 106 Agreements

Section 106 Agreements and Unilateral Undertakings are legal agreements entered by any person with an interest in the land in the district of the Local Planning Authority. Such agreements may:

• Restrict the Development or Use of Land in any Specified Way

• Require Specific Operations or Activity to be Carried Out in, on, under, or over Land

• Require the Land to be Used in a Specific Way

• Require Sums of Money be Paid to the Authority on Specified Dates for an Agreed Purpose

Section 106 – The Purpose

Section 106 agreements provide a means to ensure that developers contribute toward the infrastructure and services that the local authority believes to be necessary in mitigating the impact of a development proposal. Contributions may be in either cash or kind, such as affordable housing, monies toward education provision, highway infrastructure, open space, national forest, and so on.

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